Clear Crystal AA Mala 108 Beads

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Clear crystal is a wonderful tool for generating healing energy. 
It stimulates the brain by affecting the pituitary and pineal glands.
The energy in the chakras is balanced when chanting mantras during meditation.
It is said that Clear crystal is also good for cellulite or cysts.
Clear crystal protects and heals by neutralizing negative influences. The string of beads is mainly used to count mantras that are recited.
So it actually has the same function as a rosary (Catholic rosary).
Beads made of (semi-) precious stones, pearls, bodhi seeds or wood are suitable for many purposes,
for counting all kinds of mantras or other prayers, bowings, tours and the like. The cord is the same for all malas,
and should consist of nine threads that symbolize the Buddha Vajradhara and the eight bodhisattvas.
The large bead at the end represents the wisdom that realizes the utter emptiness and the cylindrical bead above it is the void itself.
Together they symbolize that all opponents have been defeated. The 108-bead mala is used for chanting or chanting mantras.
The number 108 is the ideal number for all purposes.
It is important that our thoughts are clear while reciting or chanting the mantra.
Mantra is the practical use of secret powers that move us forward.
Mantra is a collection of letters from the alphabet.
The effect is achieved through the repetition of the mantra; this becomes deeper the longer one recites.
Essential is the sound that is produced when reciting.
This sound produces and creates a unique spiritual impression in the person reciting.
It is said that a mantra is like a human; one has to go through several stages before the real effect is reached: 'purification of mental impressions'.
There are several mantras that have their potential power within themselves; these mantras may only be transmitted from Master on the initiate.
These are the so-called 'Siddha Mantras'.