Buddha's Blessing Backflow Dhoop Cones Satya



Gives peace and softness. These properties fit perfectly with the teachings of Buddha. Meditate on this incense, or light it for creative inspiration and relaxation. These cones are specially designed for a backflow burner. You achieve the intriguing waterfall effect by burning the cone on a burner like such.



What are backflow incense cones and how do they work?

Backflow cones are specially designed for backflow burners, also called ‘waterfall burners’. Yet the difference between regular cones and backflow cones is not that big. The main difference is that there is a tunnel in the middle of the backflow cones. As soon as you light the cone, the air in the opening remains relatively cool. Cool airdrops instead of rises, causing the smoke to go down. The smoke is then gracefully led down by the backflow waterfall burner.

So no chemicals have been added to backflow cones for the beautiful effect. However, some more makko powder (tree bark) has been added to the cones, making them smoke more intensively. As a result, they burn a little faster, but a relatively large amount of scent is released.

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The Satya brand

Satya is one of the best-known incense brands. With Satya incense, you know that you are always in the right place in terms of quality and ingredients. Satya incense is made by hand in Bangalore, India. Only natural ingredients such as tree bark, resin, herbs and essential oil are used. Because of the traditional ingredients, you can smell the real scents of India.