Bee Happy Yogi Tea Bio

Yogi Tea Bee happy bio

Attention starts with the small and can often achieve big things.

Did you know that wild bees are crucial for pollination and therefore contribute to the survival of many plants? As a producer of organic tea Yogi is committed to an intact nature. This tea supports the wild bees, to which we owe so much and which are nevertheless seriously threatened. The basis of this tea are plants that are very popular as a food source by the wild bees and that after their flowering have found their way into this flowery blend. Yogi also provides selected growers with nesting aids.

Peppermint * (30%), Apple *, Chamomile Blossom * (14%), Licorice *, White Hibiscus *, Rosemary *, Sage *, Lavender Blossom * (2.5%), Thyme *, Yarrow *, Oregano *.