Bamboo Cotton Swabs

These cotton swabs are made with bamboo sticks instead of plastic; 
this makes a world of difference. The sticks are therefore firmer;
that makes using them easier than standard plastic swabs.
In addition, you do not have any unnatural plastic in your ear:
such a great idea.
Furthermore, using less plastic is in itself a great plan. The bamboo used in the production of these cotton buds is 100% biodegradable
and responsibly grown.
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth; an ideal replacement for wood
or plastic,
which takes much longer to grow. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial;
no fertilizer or pesticide must be used when growing bamboo. Putting a colored cotton swab in your ear may not feel quite healthy,
but it certainly does! It is natural BPA free cotton, with natural dye.
The product is natural: water neutral, vegan and fair.