Aromafume Try Set Exotic Incense

This set consists of 1 Exotic Incense Diffuser and 20 incense cubes. Discover this efficient and clean form for spreading delicious aromas.
The incense cubes gradually give off their scent due to the heat of the tea light underneath, no smoke or ash is released. No toxins are produced during this process. What is left is a dry block, which can be thrown away with the biological waste.
The Exotic incense Diffuser comes with a cork coaster for safe use.

The 12 Aromafume incense cubes trial set, 20 individually wrapped cubes in total.

Aromafume incense bricks are manufactured by an Indian family business from 1900. For 5 generations, from father to son, this family has been making incense and perfumery products according to a secret recipe. This is the combination of the age-old art of hand-crafted natural incense with various scents from this time.
Traditionally, India was the cradle of the spice and frankincense (olibanum) trade route, with a strong historical link to frankincense. Then various natural herbs and spices came our way. Our forefathers had a good understanding of the backgrounds of the different fragrance ingredients used by Ayurvedic therapists. The interrelationship between the spice trade and Ayurvedic principles allowed for an exchange of knowledge, and in particular for the development of many traditional types of incense.
The most effective and clean way of diffusing aroma scents is by means of incense cubes, using a specially manufactured incense scent diffuser (Exotic Incense Diffuser). This ensures a clean, non-toxic evaporation of the incense aromas that have been processed in the cube. This creates a pleasant and long-lasting mild fragrance.
Fusion scents
Aromafume Fusion consists of a special package of incense cubes in the best Aromafume scents: Pink Rose, Cherry Blossom, Fresh Melon, Floral Kiss, Mughal Gardens, Magic Lavender, Orchid Karma, Lemon Mist, Royal Sandal, Oriental Pearl, Forest Dew and Mystery.
Each incense cube contains a wealth of natural ingredients such as aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural extracts from tree bark and trees, resins, leaves and flower types. The fragrance oils that are used in the production of incense cubes fully comply with IFRA requirements and their origin is always responsible (