Arabian Musk Backflow Dhoop Cones Satya


Let yourself be carried away to the Far East with these backflow cones with Arabian musk. This delicious fragrance is sultry, sweet, and dreamy. You create a completely new atmosphere in your home. The cones are special backflow cones. These are suitable for the incense waterfall or backflow holder.


What are backflow cones and how do they work?

With backflow cones and an incense waterfall, you create a very special effect. The nice thing is that it does not require complicated products or chemicals. An incense backflow cone is a cone with a tunnel in the middle. As soon as you light the cone, the air in the hole of the cone remains cool. Cool air always flows down. In this way, you create the beautiful effect of the backflow holder.

For the beautiful effect, backflow cones give off a bit more smoke. For this, the powder is used on a natural basis.

So there is little difference between a backflow incense cone and a regular incense cone.


Incense brand Satya, for the real enthusiasts

Satya is one of the best-known incense brands. The scents of this brand are world-famous and are handmade in India. This is done according to a fair production process, without child labor. In addition, Satya only uses vegetable, pure ingredients. Think for example of resin, bark, oil, and herbs. This gives the purest fragrance effect. For many people, the scents of Satya evoke nostalgia.


You can recognize Satya incense by the simple packaging with the white - red logo. No fuss, only quality!


Burn Satya Arabian musk backflow cones

Lighting a backflow cone works the same as burning a normal incense cone. Place the backflow cone in the appropriate place (at the top of the waterfall) and light it. You will see how the smoke flows down soothingly.

The aroma of Arab musk is perfect for lovers of oriental scents and people with a hippy soul!



Burning backflow cones work best in an environment without wind. When the wind blows, the effect of the waterfall is lost. Do not put your backflow cone holder on the draft or outside. Because a lot of smoke comes from the cones, we recommend regularly ventilating your home.